Part II. Local Laws, Ordinances, Resolutions, Etc.  

Chapter 1. General Provisions.
Chapter 1A. Structure of County Government.
Chapter 2. Administration. [Note]
Chapter 2A. Administrative Procedures Act. [Note]
Chapter 2B. Agricultural Land Preservation.*
Chapter 3. Air Quality Control. [Note]
Chapter 3A. Alarms. [Note]
Chapter 4. Amusements. [Note]
Chapter 5. Animal Control. [Note]
Chapter 5A. Arts and Humanities. [Note]
Chapter 6. Auction Sales.
Chapter 6A. Beverage Containers. [Note]
Chapter 7. Bicycles. [Note]
Chapter 7A. Off-the-road Vehicles
Chapter 8. Buildings. [Note]
Chapter 8A. Cable Communications. [Note]
Chapter 9. Reserved.*
Chapter 9A. Reserved. [Note]
Chapter 10. Reserved.*
Chapter 10A. Child Day Care Facilities Loan Program.
Chapter 10B. Common Ownership Communities. [Note]
Chapter 11. Consumer Protection. [Note]
Chapter 11A. Condominiums. [Note]
Chapter 11B. Contracts and Procurement. [Note]
Chapter 11C. Cooperative Housing. [Note]
Chapter 12. Courts. [Note]
Chapter 13. Detention Centers and Rehabilitation Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 13A. Reserved*.
Chapter 14. Development Districts.
Chapter 15. Eating and Drinking Establishments. [Note]
Chapter 16. Elections. [Note]
Chapter 17. Electricity. [Note]
Chapter 18. Elm Disease. [Note]
Chapter 19A. Ethics. [Note]
Chapter 20. Finance. [Note]
Chapter 20A. Special Obligation Debt.
Chapter 21. Fire and Rescue Services.*
Chapter 22. Fire Safety Code. [Note]
Chapter 22A. Forest Conservation - Trees. [Note]
Chapter 23. Gaming. [Note]
Chapter 23A. Group Homes. [Note]
Chapter 23B. Financial Assistance to Nonprofit Service Organizations. [Note]
Chapter 24. Health and Sanitation.
Chapter 24A. Historic Resources Preservation. [Note]
Chapter 24B. Homeowners' Associations. [Note]
Chapter 25. Hospitals, Sanitariums, Nursing and Care Homes. [Note]
Chapter 25A. Housing, Moderately Priced. [Note]
Chapter 25B. Housing Policy. [Note]
Chapter 26. Housing and Building Maintenance Standards.*
Chapter 27. Human Rights and Civil Liberties.
Chapter 27A. Individual Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 28. RESERVED.* [Note]
Chapter 29. Landlord-Tenant Relations. [Note]
Chapter 29A. Legislative Oversight.
Chapter 30. Licensing and Regulations Generally. [Note]
Chapter 30A. Montgomery County Municipal Revenue Program. [Note]
Chapter 30B. Business Development Corporation.*
Chapter 30C. Motor Vehicle Towing and Immobilization on Private Property. [Note]
Chapter 31. Motor Vehicles and Traffic.
Chapter 31A. Motor Vehicle Repair and Towing Registration. [Note]
Chapter 31B. Noise Control. [Note]
Chapter 31C. New Home Warranty and Builder Licensing. [Note]
Chapter 32. Offenses-Victim Advocate. [Note]
Chapter 33. Personnel and Human Resources. [Note]
Chapter 33A. Planning Procedures. [Note]
Chapter 33B. Pesticides. [Note]
Chapter 34. Plumbing and Gas Fitting. [Note]
Chapter 35. Police. [Note]
Chapter 36. Pond Safety. [Note]
Chapter 36A. Public Service Company Underground Facilities.
Chapter 37. Public Welfare. [Note]
Chapter 38. Quarries. [Note]
Chapter 38A. Radio, Television and Electrical Appliance Installation and Repairs. [Note]
Chapter 39. Rat Control. [Note]
Chapter 40. Real Property. [Note]
Chapter 41. Recreation and Recreation Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 41A. Rental Assistance. [Note]
Chapter 42. Revenue Authority. [Note]
Chapter 42A. Ridesharing and Transportation Management. [Note]
Chapter 43. Reserved.*
Chapter 44. Schools and Camps. [Note]
Section ondhand. Personal Property. [Note]
Chapter 45. Sewers, Sewage Disposal and Drainage. [Note]
Chapter 46. Slaughterhouses.
Chapter 47. Vendors.
Chapter 48. Solid Wastes. [Note]
Chapter 49. Streets and Roads.*
Chapter 49A. Reserved.*
Chapter 50. Subdivision of Land. [Note]
Chapter 51. Swimming Pools. [Note]
Chapter 51A. Tanning Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 52. Taxation.* [Note]
Chapter 53. Taxicabs.*
Chapter 53A. Tenant Displacement. [Note]
Chapter 54. Transient Lodging Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 54A. Transit Facilities. [Note]
Chapter 55. TREE CANOPY. [Note]
Chapter 56. Urban Renewal and Community Development. [Note]
Chapter 56A. Video Games. [Note]
Chapter 57. Weapons.
Chapter 58. Weeds. [Note]
Chapter 59. Zoning.