§ 53A-3. Notice of sale.  

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  •    (a)   Notice required.

    (1)   Within 5 days after an owner enters into a bona fide contract of sale to sell rental housing, the owner must provide written notice of the sale:

    (A)   to each tenant in the rental housing by first class mail;

    (B)   posted in the public areas of the rental housing; and

    (C)   to the Department with a list identifying each tenant and the tenant’s address.

    (2)   The notice of sale must offer to sell the rental housing to any tenant organization under Section 53A-4, and include any other information required by Executive regulations.

       (b)   Tenant organization.  If there is no certified tenant organization for the rental housing when the notice of sale is due under subsection (a), then a tenant organization may be formed to exercise the right of first refusal if the Department certifies the organization within 45 days after the owner provides notice to the tenants under subsection (a).

       Editor’s note—Former § 53A-3, was amended and divided into two new sections, numbered §§ 53A-4 and 53A-5, pursuant to 2001 L.M.C., ch. 32, §1. 

(2001 L.M.C., ch. 32, § 1.)