§ 11B-14. Non-competitive contract award.  

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  • (a)   A contract may be awarded without competition if the Chief Administrative Officer makes a written determination that the contract award serves a public purpose and:

    (1)   there is only one source for the required goods, service, or construction which can meet the minimum valid needs of the County, including timeliness of performance;

    (2)   the contract is in connection with potential or pending litigation, condemnation, or collective bargaining;

    (3)   a proposed contractor or subcontractor has been specifically identified in a grant accepted by the County; or

    (4)   a proposed contractor has been identified in a grant or appropriation resolution approved by the Council.

    (b)   A non-competitive award under paragraph (a)(1) must not be made without the approval of the Chief Administrative Officer if the value of the award exceeds the monetary threshold for an informal solicitation under Section 11B-13. (1994 L.M.C., ch. 30, § 1.)